B Dot better known as the Baritone Scholar is one half of the hip hop group East 2 West Connector. He got introduced to hip hop at the age of 8 by his brother platinum producer Born Immaculate; who also wrote his first rap for him at that same age. B Dot grew up listening to his brother as well as pioneers like Big Daddy Kane, Krs 1, Rakim and LL Cool J. In high school he started recording with Prafessa a childhood friend, until he was forced to move. Having to move postponed all of his recording aspirations seeing as though it left him with no place to record. This however did not stop him from writing and the more he wrote the more he became intrigued by the writers of the Harlem Renaissance such as Claude McKay, Langston Hughes and Paul Lawrence Dunbar. He was also introduced to other prolific writers such as; Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez, Imari Baraka, and Saul Williams. This intrigue eventually led to him focusing more on writing poetry than rap. While in high school he began performing spoken word all around the city, wherever they would let him recite. This led to him performing regularly at the legendary Patty Hut Cafe, Apache Cafe, 5 Spot, Irish Bred, Mamba Room and the Black Lion. A few years later he would find himself on the campus of Savannah State University. There he met new friends who rekindled his passion for hip hop. One day while on campus he saw a hip hop battle taking place and thought to himself that he was better than the both of them. That whetted his appetite for what would become one of his passions. He started battling online and soon he became of the best battlers on one of the top hip hop websites on the internet at the time. He would go on to win over 100 online and offline battles. Since, he has written and produced a plethora of music, performed with the best rappers and poets of his generation and has traveled the country all due to his passion for making great music. He also discovered one of the greatest lyricists from the city of Atlanta, the other half of East 2 West Connector; Lowkey. Together they are two of the greatest writers this city has ever seen. He is an activist, emcee, producer and videographer etc.. The only question we have for B Dot is; whats next? Seemingly anything he puts his mind to.